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French/ German TV ARTE

Roi Soleil was selected to represent the Canal du Midi in a prime time serie on the great canals of the world.
Canal du Midi-  First aired July 4, 2011 and regularly since.

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Double page photo spread & article

The Telegraph

"Ultratravel Magazine"
Five great luxury cruises article.

Forbes FYI

3 pages article "French Provincial"
by Roger Kimball

"The Roi Soleil . . . is easily the most luxurious craft on the Canal du Midi"

". . . a dining saloon where J. Paul Getty would feel at home . . ."

"In 1787, Thomas Jefferson took a trip down the canal, 'Of all the methods of traveling I have ever tried', he wrote in a letter 'this is the pleasantest'. If only he had experienced the Roi Soleil".

"Fit for a Sun King".

Robb Report Magazine

"Guide to Wine Regions: Languedoc, France"
by Jordan MacKay

"Take the ultra-deluxe 'River Yacht Roi Soleil' . . . Comparable to those of a five star hotel, onboard amenities include a hot tub on the back deck, a fireplace, and a gourmet chef to prepare your meals."

Financial Times Magazine

"How to Spend It' Magazine"
"Martini on the Locks"
2 pages article by Rupert Wright

". . . Slowly, around a bend . . . appears a graceful white vessel 30m long, with the sensual lines of a 1920's river Yacht."

". . . like a swan among ducks."

". . . This is the only way to travel."

Boat International USA

Boat Internationsl

"Navigating the historical Canal du Midi"
9 pages article on the Canal du Midi Cruise onboard the "Roi Soleil" by Roger Lean-Vercoe

". . . 'river yacht' is perhaps, a more apt description than 'barge' . . . but after we had stepped on to the teak-laid aft deck with its six-seater spa pool, been introduced to the crew . . . and presented with a welcoming glass of chilled champagne, the term 'river superyacht' came to mind."

". . . we invariably dined at the semi-circular table that nestled in the counter stern, which, sheltered by a sun awning and surrounded by a panoramic view, was a delightful setting for alfresco dining and the perfect place to sample the chef's superb cuisine. Standards such as this, we surmised, must be a rare sight on the canal, as our regal progress was almost enough to unseat one towpath cyclist . . ."

"The canal itself, the beautiful Languedoc scenery and the multitude of other attractions of the region make it a fascinating holiday destination. What better way of experiencing it than from the 'Roi Soleil' with its total comfort and world class cuisine."

Power & Motoryacht USA

"River Yacht - an unforgettable week touring the South of France aboard Europe's most luxurious cruising barge"
6 pages article by Richard Thiel

". . . gastro-cultural extravaganza within the most luxurious barge ever to cruise Europe . . ."

"Each meal was a revelation, light on sauces and long on the flavor of the main ingredient. It would take pages to describe the cuisine . . ."

". . . I admired the long, sleek yacht and reflected that never had a dream been fulfilled so well."

"Everything from the upholstered walls to the luxuriant bedclothes to the deep-pile towels and monogrammed robes is five star."

Maison & Decors - Méditerranée

Croisiere Blanche du Rhone au Canal du Midi
6 pages article by A.M. Masclaux Perron & M. Maurette

"Embarquez pour un voyage de réve."

"Le Pilote sur un pont avant dévolu au soleil, le chef mettant la touche finale à une mousseline de poulet et chèvre, sa vinaigrette d'olive et tomates, dressées en vaisselle d'apparat, le yacht glisse de Tarascon jusqu'à la secrète Camargue. Profond sofa, plateaux et plans en lave émaillée sur mesure, imprimés tendus sur les murs des vastes cabines, serviettes brodées ... la fête est totale."